Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'I allow'

The man who says, 'I allow my wife/ daughter/ daughter in law to work/study/shop/play/dance/sing/wear what she wants/go where she wants to go etc' is more dangerous than the man who says 'I don't allow'. In the case of the latter we know what we are getting into and if we are sensible, we mantain a healthy distance of a mile or two.

But in the case of the former, 'the benevolent master of all that He surveys', one tends to get fooled unless one understands the connotation of 'I allow'. The two words ' I allow' define any relationship, the master and the slave, the subjugater and the subjugated. Always be wary of the 'I allow' variety of men (as well as women who can make or break your life, like a mother in law, mother, sister in law or a matriarch). They are injurious to your life and liberty, happiness and survival in general.

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P.N. Subramanian said...

I agree. Similarly the people who always tend to agree or presses "LIKE" on FB may also need to be looked with suspicion !